The Swiss Ports

The Swiss Rhine ports provide a gateway to the sea. Over 10 percent of all Swiss imports, which arrive here along the Rhine via the seaports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam, are handled in Basel, Birsfelden and Muttenz. Large grain silos, storage areas for petrol and other mineral oil products and high container stacks can all be found here. Around 100 port companies process a large proportion of Swiss international trade.


The main handling facilities

4 trimodal container terminals  
Silos for 385,000 m3 of grain  
80,000 m3 of other bulk cargo storage areas
Storage tanks for 1,250,000 m3 of liquids  
60 cranes with a lifting power of 5 to 300 t  
12-20 Landing stages for cabin ships  

 Access via the waterways

 The Swiss Rhine ports consist of three port areas in the cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Basel-Stadt. Basel-Kleinhüningen, Birsfelden and Auhafen Muttenz have access to a total area of around 1,500,000 km² with numerous reloading points for dry-cargo, containers and tankers.

Rail connections

Two-thirds of the cargoes handled in the Swiss Rhine port are received or dispatched by rail. Hafenbahn Schweiz AG is a subsidiary of the Swiss Rhine ports and operates two port railways with control centres and over 100km of track.
The port facilities of the Swiss Rhine ports are easily accessible for all types of goods traffic. They are located directly on the Rotterdam-Basel-Genoa rail link with feeder lines connecting to the national road network. The EuroAirport is also situated in the vicinity.

 Access by road

All 3 sections of the Swiss Rhine ports are extremely well connected to the national and international motorway network. The Basel-Kleinhüningen port has its own motorway link. Further information on the areas and their accessibility can be obtained here.

The terminal operators

Contargo AG

Swissterminal AG

Birsterminal AG

Real estate

The Swiss Rhine ports have established the area as a "landlord". The rents for the existing terminals and storage areas, etc. are settled by the resident harbour companies.


All types of cargos are stored on the port site. The following capacities are available:
• Silos for 385,000 m3 of grain
• 80,000 m3 for other bulk cargo
• Storage tanks for 1,250,000 m3 of liquids
• 250,000 m² of covered storage areas
• 200,000 m² of open storage areas (container terminals)

The storage areas are rented out by the port companies.


Basel is a cultural city with a large number of museums and cultural institutions. As a trade fair centre (e.g. BaselWorld and Art.Basel) Basel also welcomes a considerable number of business people. As a departure point for river cruises, Basel offers the most modern passenger ship terminal. With its 12-20 landing stages, the port is able to accommodate 1,200 cabin ships per year with over 120,000 visitors.


Swiss Ports

Hochbergerstrasse 160
CH-4019 Basel
Tel.: +41 61 639 95 95
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Basel Kleinhuenigen Containerterminal

Kleinhüningen container terminal

Kleinhuenigen Lschen Schuettgut

Unloading bulk cargo

Basel Kleinhüningen Löschen Schüttgut

Luftbild Basel Kleinhningen

Basel Kleinhüningen

Basel Birsfelden


Hafen Muttenz


Basel Anlegestelle Kreuzfahrtschiffe


Cruise ship landing stages