The Port of Karlsruhe

With a total cargo of around 7 million tonnes per year, the port of Kalrsuhe is among the most significant inland ports in Europe. Since 1901, it have provided a link between the economic area of Karlsruhe and international Rhine shipping. It acts as a facilitator between the different freight forwarders and a link between industries and consumers. the port has thus created the essential conditions for the economic development of the city of Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.

The modern cargo facilities (including a container terminal and Ro-Ro facilities) and the unique flood barrage guarantee safety and optimum service.

The main handling facilities

Rhine Port:


19 container bridges and revolving cranes 4 to 25 t


2 container cranes 50 t

1 heavy cargo handling area (Goliathplatz)  

1 Ro-Ro ramp for loading in high and low water

2 grain silos with maize drying facilities and dust-free loading equipment for HGVs, rail and ships  

Various truck-mounted cranes 20 to 250 t


1 carbon ribbon loading system for railcars


1 calcinate silo with HGV, rail and ship loading facilities


7 loading systems for mineral oil


Oil Port:


6 loading systems for mineral oil


1 handling system for liquid gas


Access via the waterways

The Port of Karlsruhe consist of the over 100 year old city port (300 ha) and the oil port constructed in the 1960s (43 ha). The port of Karlsruhe is located in the Baden-Württemberg region as the most southern port that can be reached without passing through locks and covers an area of 300 ha. The port area comprises six basins with a water area of 71 ha and a 14 km bank with rail connections. There are also 19 container bridges with a capacity of 4 to 25 t, two 50 t container cranes, a Ro-Ro loading system and a grain silo with a maize drying facility and dust-free loading equipment for HGVs, rail and river boats.

The city port possesses a flood barrage to protect against high waters with an interior width of 40 m between the shafts and an interior height of 9.10 m above the HSW (highest water level for shipping) and provides shelter for 100 ships. The oil port offers shelter for 50 tankers.

Rail connections

As far as rail connections are concerned, the port is situated on the main German railway line Mannheim –Weil am Rhein / Basel (further connections to Switzerland/France/Italy), Karlsruhe - Stuttgart – Munich as well as the Karlsruhe - Landau – Kaiserslautern section. Links are also provided via the freight hub of Mannheim freight station towards the west and north ports as well as to Austria and other neighbouring countries. The freight terminal in the port of Karlsruhe is connected via the logistics hub of Mannheim to the DB Cargo Rail network via an overnight link. The port of Karlsruhe is the starting and end point for freight trains operated both by DB Cargo Rail and private rail freight companies. The railway tracks at the Rhine port  provide parking areas for block trains and groups of carriages.

Access by road

The traffic connection between the Rhine port and the nationwide road network is provided by the A5 federal motorway from the direction of Frankfurt and Basel and the A8 from Stuttgart via the southern Karlsruhe branch (B 10). The port can be accessed from Alsace and Palatinate via the federal road B 10. The B 36 connects the Rhine port with the regions to the north and south of Karlsruhe.

The terminal operator

Contargo Wörth-Karlsruhe GmbH

D-76744 Wörth
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Real estate

The port covers an area of around 300 ha of which 185 ha are occupied. Rentals and leases are dealt with by KVVH GmbH - Geschäftsbereich Rheinhäfen, Werftstr. 2-4, 76189 Karlsruhe.


All types of goods are stored in the port area.

Rhine ports

   General storage area 650,000 m²

   Covered storage area 220,000 m²

   Silo area 7,000 m³

   Grain storage capacity 25,500 t

   Tank area 335,000 m³

Oil ports

   Tank area 4,802,000 m³


The "MS KARLSRUHE" passenger ship offers citizens of the region a pleasant leisure activity.

Trips are organised to Speyer (some with a breakfast buffet) and the Iffezheim barrage with a classic brunch. Other destinations include Strassburg and Germersheim in addition to 2-hour tours.

All excursions and tours on the MS Karlsruhe begin and end at the Rhine port departure point basin II.


KVVH GmbH - Geschäftsbereich Rheinhäfen

Werftstr. 2-4
76189 Karlsruhe
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Rheinhäfen Karlsruhe logo

Luftbild Rheinhäfen Karlsruhe

Aerial photo of the city harbour

Containerterminal Karlsruhe

Container terminal

Rheinhafen Karlsruhe

Aerial photo of the port basin

Rheinhafen Karlsruhe  Sperrtor

Flood barrage

MS Karlsruhe auf dem Rhein

MS Karlsruhe