The Port of Ludwigshafen

The port of Ludwigshafen, which has been operated since 1960 by the port company Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH, is the fifth largest public inland port in Germany and the largest in the Rhineland-Palatinate region with a ship handling volume of 7 to 8 million tonnes per year. Thanks to the close road and rail connections with the Rhine waterway, the port provides a traffic hub for the Rhine-Neckar region.

It covers an area of 120 ha and serves as a handling area for the raw materials and finished products processed in the region which are shipped all over the world from the port.

The port's function as a hub at the confluence of the Rhine and the Neckar and its excellent links with the nationwide road and rail network make this into a preferred location not only for numerous logistics service providers but also for industry with its worldwide outlet markets.

The main products concerned in addition to chemical products and fertilisers include mineral oil and mineral oil products, stone, soil and cement.

The main handling facitilies

2 container bridges with a capacity of 62t  
1 container crane for rail handling
(with a capacity of 52t)
9 crane systems with a lifting capacity of up to 25t  
1 mobile port crane (lifting capacity 104t)  
1 hydraulic bagger  
3 belt conveyors with conductor pipe  
1 conductor pipe air intake system  
19 flow gates with liquid loading arm / pipe  
1 system for heavy cargo handling  

Access via the waterways

The port consists of several sections:

• Northern port

• Upper and lower river port

• Mundenheimer Altrheinhafen (oil port)

• Luitpoldhafen and

• Kaiserwörthhafen.

All sections of the port have direct connections with the road and rail network.

Rail connections

As far as the rail connections are concerned, the port is connected to the main Deutsche Bahn-lines of Mannheim – Basel, Mannheim - Stuttgart – Munich, Mannheim – Mainz / Frankfurt (Main) and the Neustadt (Weinstr.) – Kaiserslautern section. Links are also provided via the commercial traffic hub of Mannheim freight station towards the west and north ports as well as to Austria and other neighbouring countries.

The port railway tracks cover a total distance of 14.45km.

Access by road

The local road network with its direct connection to the federal motorways A 6, A 61 and A 650 and the federal roads B 9, B 36, B 37, B38 and B 44 guarantees optimum connections for the individual sections of the port with all three cargo carriers (waterways, rail and road).

The terminal operator

Contargo Rhein-Neckar GmbH
Shellstraße 5
67065 Ludwigshafen
Tel. 0621 59007-0
Fax 0621 59007-192
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Site rental

Rentals and leases are dealt with by Hafenbetriebe Ludwigshafen (Rhine), Zollhofstraße 4, 67061 Ludwigshafen (Rhine)


All types of goods are stored on port premises.

Storage area:

- 390,000 m² general storage areas

- 38,200 m² high-bay storage areas

- 31,000 t grain storage area

- 140,000 m3 tank storage area


Hafenbetriebe Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH
Zollhofstraße 4
67061 Ludwigshafen
Tel.: 0621 5984-0
Fax: 0621 5984-135
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ludwigshafen logo

Ludwigshafen Kaiserwrthhafen

Aerial photo

Ludwigshafen Kaiserwoerthhafen


Ludwigshafen Luitpoldhafen


Hafenbetriebe Ludwigshafen Tanklager

Storage tanks on the river port