The ports of Mulhouse

The ports of Mulhouse are the third largest inland port in France after Strasbourg and the Port of Paris. They manage three port areas: Ottmarsheim, the large industrial port situated on the Grand Canal of Alsace, at the heart of the Mulhouse-Rhine Industrial Park. It has two container terminals with a capacity of 6,000 TEU and two gantry cranes for handling containers. Huningue is based on the Rhine next to Basel and is equipped for handling bulk cargo. The Ile Napoléon is situated on the outskirts of the city of Mulhouse on the Rhône-Rhine Canal. It is equipped with a Bulk Carrier Hub with covered storage cells and conveyor belt. With direct links to the sea ports on the North Sea, the Mulhouse-Rhine Ports extend over a total surface area of 84 hectares.

 Principal Facilities

2 container terminals with storage capacity of 6,000 TEU 
1 60-tonne gantry crane for containers & heavy duty cargo  
1 40-tonne gantry crane for containers  
1 50-tonne moveable crane for containers & bulk  
Weighbridges for mixed rail/road cargo  
Container-carrying plant & forklift trucks  
Loaders & shovellers  
1 8,000-m² BULK CARRIER HUB including 8 covered cells   
Moveable cranes for bulk   
Covered and open air conveyor belts  
Warehouses & reservations
Container maintenance & repair workshops

Inland waterway access

Whether on the Grand canal of Alsace, the Rhine or the Rhône-Rhine Canal, the Mulhouse-Rhine Ports can be accessed by powered craft of up to 3,000 tonnes and multiple barge convoy sets of up to 8,000 tonnes. Ottmarsheim offers a quay length 920 m and 15 berths, Huningue 230 m and 6 berths and ILE NAPOLEON, 1,800 m and 9 berths.

Rail connection

The Mulhouse region enjoys an advantageous situation on the rail network. The Mulhouse-Rhine Ports have an internal rail network of 35 km of their own track, which includes a special branch line with a 5-track exchange sidings 750 m long connected to Bantzenheim station. Ile Napoléon has a special branch line at its disposal connected to Mulhouse-Nord station. As for Huningue, its branch line connects it to Huningue station.

Road access

The Mulhouse-Rhine Ports are ideally served by the road networks, particularly the A35 and the A136, the backbone of the principal network, which is relatively dense and provides fluid connections to the major economic hubs, including the port sites. Connection to the national network is more especially favoured towards the west and south of France (A36). The junction with the German motorway network is made efficiently at Ottmarsheim – A36-A3. As for the junction to Basel with the Swiss motorway network, it is adequate, apart from a few occasional problems with bottlenecks caused by HGV traffic at the Saint-Louis/Basel border post. Studies are underway to resolve this issue.

The Ottmarsheim port zone is connected directly to the A36 motorway and to the German side. The RD52 acts as the internal connection, linking the various urbanised sites and the extension perimeters of the industrial park in Homburg and Petit Landau.

The Huningue port zone is served by the RD105 to the Palmrain bridge giving access to the German and Swiss road and motorway networks.

The Ile Napoléon port zone is close to a slip road to the A36 motorway. The local roads are wide enough to handle traffic from the port.

The Terminal Operator

Port of Mulhouse, Port Operations Division

Business Real Estate

The leasing, amodiation and sale of land and premises is handled by the Mulhouse-Rhine Ports & the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Alsace Mulhouse

Goods Storage

All kinds of goods are stored in the port with particular capacities for:

  • Bulk liquids (petroleum products)
  • Bulk solids (agri-food, fertilisers, natural stones, etc.)
  • Containerised goods
  • Containerised refrigerated goods
  • Hazardous materials subject to conditions

Warehouse leasing is handled by the Mulhouse-Rhine Ports


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 vue sur le port dOttmarsheim

Port of Ottmarsheim

Terminal Conteneurs Ottmarsheim 2

Container terminal at the Port of Ottmarsheim

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Conveyor belt

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