The Port of Colmar/ Neuf-Brisach

The Rhine Port of Colmar/Neuf-Brisach is the seventh largest river port in France. Each year, it handles 1.6 million tonnes of goods and more than 13,000 TEUs. An unquestionable multimodal platform equipped with 12,000 m² of its own warehouse space, the 30-person team receives trains from the French national railway network (RFN) and hauls them from Volgelsheim station to Marckolsheim on its own tracks and loads and unloads barges with the option of subsequently handling delivery of the goods by rail thanks to its own 30 waggons. Clients entrust the team with the logistics flows, either owing to the immediate proximity of their own client or for specific, high added value services that require know-how, skill and experience.

 Principal facilities

1 40-tonne container gantry crane  
1 12-tonne railway crane
5 fully tarmacked outdoor reservations for storing packages, bulk cargo, pallets, machines, Bigbags  
20 items of handling plant, from 3 tonnes to 48 tonnes  
3 shunters, including two that generate 600 HP + 30 flatbed waggons, type R90  
Maintenance workshop equipped with a railway pit and a 5-tonne overhead crane

River access

The Rhine Port of Colmar/Neuf-Brisach can simultaneously accommodate and work on 4 barges at its 4 unloading stations - bulk and semi heavy duty cargo, silo, packages and containers - on the banks of the Grand Canal of Alsace.

A 24/7 on-call service meets the expectations of the boatmen.

Rail access

The Rhine Port of Colmar/Neuf-Brisach is now the proprietor of the Volgelsheim marshalling yard, which has a direct connection to Colmar. This makes it possible to receive trains from the French National Rail Network.

From this station, that comprises 3 tracks, each 700 metres in length, the port team hauls the trains on its own track as far as Marckolsheim, serving client factories on the branch lines from Volgelsheim, Biesheim and Kunheim.

Road access

The port zone of Neuf-Brisach is situated between the A35 motorway (at Colmar) and the German E35 motorway (at Freiburg between Frankfurt and Basel) at the intersection of four main access roads, three of which are open to Abnormal Loads of up to 150 tonnes.

From France:        

  • Western access via the D415 from Colmar
  • Southern access via the D52 from Fessenheim, Ottmarsheim
  • Northern accèes via the D52 and then the D424 from Sélestat

From Germany

  • Access is via the B31 in Germany via Breisach Am Rhein
  • Caution: bridge limited to 80 tonnes, Width / Length

The terminal operator

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Colmar / Centre Alsace

Business Real Estate

Situated on the banks of the Rhine half way between the towns of Colmar and Mulhouse, the industrial park and port zone of Balgau-Nambsheim-Heiteren and Geiswasser offers more than 200 hectares of real estate. The site is connected to all of the amenities needed: electricity, gas, waste water, cable, etc.

Goods Storage

All kinds of goods are stored on the port, with special capacities for:       

  • 12,000 m² of warehouses covered by ICPE authorisation
  • Open air bulk
  • Bulk (40,000-tonne silo)
  • Packages, semi heavy duty cargo, bulky cargo, machines
  • Containerised goods
  • Palletised goods in warehouses (12,000m²)
  • Goods in Bigbags


River Tourism

The Port has a landing / embarcation stage for passengers which is currently used by two companies offering mini-cruises.

Colmar Marina, managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Colmar and Centre Alsace

Accessed from the Rhine via the Colmar Canal, Colmar Marina, with its 58 mooring rings, is situated in the town of Colmar, in the immediate vicinity of the historic town centre. Two craft capable of taking up to 6 people are available for rent and this, with no particular permit requirements. Since the 2013 summer season, the Port has also been offering emplacements for motorhome enthusiasts.

Colmar Marina

6 rue du Canal
F 68000 COLMAR
Tel.: +33 (0)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 To contact us

Rhine Port of Colmar/Neuf-Brisach

ZI Portuaire
F-68680 Volgelsheim
Tel. +33 (0)3 89 72 56 00
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Bulk loading

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