The Port of Strasbourg


The Port of Strasbourg is the second largest inland port in France. With links to the great sea ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre and Marseille via the Rhine and the railway network, and thanks to its high performance facilities, it constitutes a multimodal transport hub.  Three hundred and fifty companies that provide 10,000 jobs in the region are based on the 1,360 hectares that the port installations cover (mainly in Strasbourg, but also in Lauterbourg, Beinheim and Marckolsheim).

Main facilities

In Strasbourg:

  • 2 trimodal container terminals with 5 gantry cranes
  • 1 460-t heavy duty gantry crane
  • Numerous loading stations
  • Eurofret road haulage centre

In Lauterbourg

  • trimodal container terminal with 1 gantry crane
  • 220 t heavy duty gantry crane

River access

In its 8 variable-level basins, the Port Autonome de Strasbourg can accommodate all types of powered craft and multiple barge convoy sets navigating the Rhine. The constant-level basins are accessible to vessels 110 m in length. The port is also linked to the Marne-Rhine and Rhône-Rhine canals. The container terminal North can accommodate 4-layer container ships. The platforms in Lauterbourg and Marckolsheim are river ports situated on the banks of the Rhine and the Great Alsace Canal respectively.

Rail access

The port of Strasbourg is ideally connected to the main high-speed rail network. Situated close to the border with Germany, it can be accessed from the German network via a section of track on the border that enjoys simplified regulations. With its network of 110 km of tracks and its marshalling yard, it has an efficient infrastructure at its disposal capable of accommodating full trains up to 720 m in length. The platforms at Lauterbourg and Marckolsheim are also linked to the rail network.

Road access

The Strasbourg port zone is situated between the A4 motorway (at Strasbourg) and the German A5 motorway (Frankfurt-Basel) and enjoys four principal road axes:

From France:

Western access via the N4

Southern access via the N 353

From Germany

Access from the German motorway A5 via the B28 in

South-eastern access from the German motorway A5 via the L28

Terminal Operator

In Strasbourg: Rhein Europe Terminals RET

In Lauterbourg: Lauterbourg Rhine Terminal LRT

Business Real Estate

The rental and amodiation of land and premises are handled by the Real Estate Department DVD

Goods Storage

All kinds of goods are stored at the port with particular amentities for:

  • Bulk liquids (petroleum products)
  • Bulk solids (agri-food)
  • Containerised goods

The rental of warehouses is handled by the Real Estate Department (DVD)

River Tourism

Its city centre, listed as a UNESCO world heritage of humanity site, and its European institutions like the European Parliament, make Strasbourg a tourist town of the first order. This is why the port allows close to 1,000 cruising vessels per annum to berth at its 10 landing stages, accounting for more than 150,000 visitors.

Logo BatoramaFor tours of the city centre and the European Parliament, Batorama's river cruisers or bateaux-mouches accommodated nearly 800,000 visitors in 2013, which makes it the leading fee-paying tourist attraction in Alsace and the ninth placed attraction in France


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Port Autonome de Strasbourg
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 [column]Logo Port autonome de Strasbourg

 Strasbourg terminal conteneur nord

Container Terminal North

Strasbourg zone portuaire nord

Port Zone North

Terminal conteneur Strasbourg sud

Container Terminal South with heavy duty gantry crane

Strasbourg convoi exceptionnel

Abnormal Load

Strasbourg zone portuaire sud

Port Zone South with Eurofret road haulage centre[/column]